I needed someone to pull together my business website, and I was lucky to find Mindy. She took the stress out of the project by being professional, calm and reassuring, highly skilled, and best of all, patient with a non-techy person like me. She gave me a time frame for the project and stuck to it, and was always accessible when I had questions. I loved working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Helene Cohen Bludman
"Mindy is very skilled and knowledgeable working with ConvertKit. She has helped take care of many client accounts over the past several months. Be it a migration, setting up an email marketing funnel, or creating a new custom template, she’s efficient, a great communicator, and always willing to do what it takes to get the job done right and on time."
April Lewis
"Mindy has been a huge asset for my business!  She's incredibly helpful and super responsive to my requests.  I'm a bit of an ADD business owner and I'm constantly changing directions with Mindy....but Mindy is awesome at rolling with me and the constant adjustments are easy for her.  I highly recommend Mindy - she's great."
Quentin Hafner
"I had no idea how valuable a VA could be until I met Mindy! Why did I wait so long!?!? I had been struggling with how to set up my automated sequence emails, and transfer the 3000+ contacts I had over to my new email host. I did not know how to do all the tagging, scheduling, linking, etc! Mindy helped me with all of this!
One of the things I loved about Mindy's business model is she offered very reasonably priced packages that included all I needed and a few extras. After a quick call on Skype and we got started. I finally felt like I had help in my email campaigning needed and it felt great! And last but not least, Mindy was easy to work with and very timely. One of my concerns with using a VA is how long it could take to execute the work since it's assigned remotely. But I was pleasantly surprised. Mindy was fast and kept her word! Thank you Mindy. I intend on using you again and will be referring you to friends and family."
Jeanette Lucero
Mindy is a superstar! I recently worked with Mindy on a quick one-off task, and she went above and beyond. She responded right away to my request, and was able to help me out when I was in a pinch. I quickly felt like I could totally rely on her without needing to give her a ton of direction, which always impresses me when I work with someone.
Miranda Nahmias
Mindy has been a helpful and a great second pair of eyes for my website and content. She's quick to spot out issues and recommend solutions. Her delivery is super fast!"
Melissa Matos
Can I just say that I adore Mindy! Working with her has made our business more productive, and more profitable. I used to be the bottleneck because I was so swamped and once we brought her on it was like instant relief. She is super knowledgeable and if she doesn't know something, she learns it. The VA industry seems to be filled with people who are task tickers. Mindy is the opposite of that. She takes care of you like you are her only client. We feel exceptionally lucky to have found her!
Dani Magestro
Business Consultant
"Mindy has a positive and uplifting approach to collaboration that make her a joy to work with. She is well-versed in the tech pieces of the backend of my business. She has always delivered product designs for PDFs to support the classes I teach before deadline. She is patient and kind."
Rebecca Kellogg
"When we needed to set up our custom template to move our newsletter to a new provider, Mindy Rowen took care of it so quickly and so well you would have thought she had worked with us for years! Mindy gave us great advice, including catching the need for revised sign-up forms on our site. The next time we need help, Mindy is at the top of our list!"
-- Mary Westheimer
Kevin Caron Studios, L.L.C.
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