About Me

First off, my love language is ‘acts of service.’ Whoa, right? Betcha didn’t know we were at that point in our relationship already.  But you’ll figure it out for yourself soon enough, that nothing makes me happier than making someone smile.

I am a nurturer by nature, I like to serve others. I like to do the little things that make your day easier.  I like to remove the clutter from your life, and the barriers that stifle your efficiency.

How can you trust I know what I’m doing?

I have over 20 years of Executive Assistance experience working with CEO’s, Senior VP’s, and other upper level management in corporations large and small. I’m a superstar with desktop publishing, inbox management, calendar management, and email management. Discretion, respect, and trust are the cornerstone of my services for my clients.

All to say: you can trust me with your business and know that I’m doing what I love.

Now tell me, are you trying to focus your energy on closing the deal, bogged down with daily tasks? Too busy struggling with your calendar when you should be meeting with the big shots?

Then you’ve met your match.

Mindy Rowen

P.S. – Why don’t you send me an email, letting me know how I can best serve you and your business?  We can also connect with a free consultation!

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