Blog To Grow Your MLM Business

How to blog to grow your MLM business

Are you sick and tired of chasing customers?  Everywhere you go you are approaching friends, family, and strangers to talk about your product. Have you ever thought of setting up a blog to promote yourself?  Wouldn’t it be great to sit comfortably at home and write a couple of blog posts, and let people come to you?

Not only is it easier on you, but it is easier for your potential customer.  They have the opportunity to read your posts and get to know you. If you write on subjects that are inspiring, compelling, and interesting you should develop a good following fairly quickly.

You will want your own website to blog from as most MLM companies do not want you to blog. Some will not allow you to mention their name or products within your blog.  But that doesn’t have to stop you!

Creating a Website

If  you haven’t created a website before there are a few things that you need to get started.  First you need to decide on your domain name.  This can be or you can create a clever name.  Just remember you want it to be easy to remember and easy to spell. After you decide on your domain name, you will need to purchase that domain. You may want to think of a few, in case someone already owns the domain you have chosen.  Next you will need a hosting company.  This company will host your website for a monthly or annual fee.  I use WebHosting Hub to host my website.  I also purchased my domain through them – a one stop shop!

You can shop around to check prices.  The link above is an affiliate link, and there are others within this post.  Any recommendations that I make are for companies that I use personally or for my clients.   I would recommend them with or without an affiliate link. The selling points for me are customer service, performance, and ease of use.

I also use WordPress to build my websites.  You can install this from WebHostingHub or whichever hosting company you choose.  Once WordPress is loaded to your site, the fun begins.  You will  now choose a Theme and start building your website.  There are tons to pick from! I’m sure you can find one that suits your needs here. Your website can be as simple or complex as you like.  I would suggest a clean simple design just to house your blog.

What Should I Blog About?

Blog about topics that are related to your MLM business.  You want to build a following of readers that are already interested in similar things. If your MLM business is focused on products that promote healthy living, write about living healthy.  There are a a ton of topics you can chose from ranging from diet to exercise. When you are thinking about topics for your blog, think about a ‘freebie’ offer.  This can also be referred to as a content upgrade or a give away.  Your offer can be a simple one-page document (you will want to make it look pretty) or a small eBook type of offer. As an example, if you are blogging about eating healthy you may offer “Top 5 Foods that Promote Weight Loss” or “10 Healthy Snack Options.”  Your offer needs to be something that the reader will deem valuable.

Creating a Subscriber List

Once your blog post is written, you will want to add an opt-in box.  You can easily create an opt-in box through your email service provider.  Some of my favorites are the free version of MailChimp or MailerLite (for beginners) and ConvertKit for a more robust system. Simply create a list to keep up with your subscribers, and attach an opt-in to that list. This list can be used later with email sequences, newsletters, or whatever marketing method you choose. Your opt-in box can be positioned mid-way through the blog.  This gives you the opportunity to collect email addresses from your reader.  You can invite them to opt-in to receive tips and tricks, the latest news, or a freebie offer.

I will put my opt-in here as a visual. (Oh and as a way of course to add you to my list!)

You can use one offer on multiple blog posts or you can have different offers for different topics. Once you start blogging and have a good collection of posts you will  know what works best for your audience.

I hope this was a good source of information for you.  If you are just getting started it can seem like a lot of information to absorb. If you find that you need a little help, reach out to me here.  I offer a variety of services that can help you along the way.




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