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What is a one and done website?

That’s what I like to call a one-page website. You just pop your logo in the header along with a site menu. Your site visitors can scroll from top to bottom in your website. There is no need to click through different pages to see all of your content.

This is great for potential clients that visit your site and don’t feel inclined to jump from page to page to hunt down information. Also, for the well traveled visitors you have a handy menu bar at the top of your page for navigation.  They can simply click on a specific keyword to jump straight to the information they want.

Can I use a one-page website?

The simple answer is yes.  This style of website is quick to set up and doesn’t require a lot of coding. It is ideal for the business owner that is not tech intensive but needs a professional looking website.  I have recently built several websites with this format. I personally use, and fell in love with, the Parallax Pro Child theme using a Genesis framework. You can get this theme here:
StudioPress Theme of the Month
All of the information for the site is placed within the widget areas. There is no need to create pages! However, if you want to create additional pages for a portfolio, testimonials, blog, etc. you still have that option available.  Using Parallax Pro, you can keep your site as simple and clean as you want, but you are not limited.

Full width pictures can be placed on odd numbered pages as a backdrop. Just navigate to Appearance, Customize, and choose background images. You will want to make sure that you have good quality high resolution images because they will be used ‘full width.’ After you have your images set for all three areas, hop over to the widget area and drop in your text. In the example below, you can see how the background image scales full width with the text positioned on top. To go with the darker theme this graphic has a black overlay with the opacity scaled down.

one page example

One thing with the Parallax Pro theme is that the header bar is black by default. For some sites this is awesome as it makes for a clean streamlined look. However, the company logo is usually dropped in the menu bar and if the logo is dark, it will not look right. I found a way to get around this easily.

Can you say Plugin!

To customize the header without having to go through the hassle of coding you will need to first download the free ‘Styles’ plugin from WordPress (this plugin will only work with Genesis free themes). Next you will need a plug-in that I found from The Stiz Media called ‘Styles-Genesis’ you can find it here. When the plugin is installed on your site all the customization option will show up in the menu bar. This plugin is very affordable and you can choose to purchase the plugin for use with 1-3 sites, 10 sites, or unlimited. I like the various package options they offer, makes for a good fit for personal use or for developers.

Using this plugin allows you to change the color of your header and footer areas, button color, button hover color, background colors, font colors, etc. After installing the plugin just navigate to Appearance then Customize and you will see all the new options for customizing. You can drop in your specific hex codes for button colors, header and footer colors, etc.

So, are you ready to design your one-page website?  Feel free to drop a comment below if you have questions. You can contact me here if you would like for me to design the site for you.

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